He will probably deny it, but Law Tissot is a Brazilian underground legend. Since 1984, the Gaucho from Rio Grande has created comics and zines that have dystopian, post-apocalyptic and post-modern science fiction as their trademark. The truth is, Law has always lived in the 21st century.


Starting from Jack Kirby, Philippe Druillet, Moebius, HRGiger, sci fi cinema, trash aesthetics and industrial sounds, the artist created a unique and unmistakable imaginary, inhabited by beings where the limits between man and machine are completely dissolved. About Law, the unavoidable Fabio Zimbres confessed: “Another one I wanted to write for was Law, but then I start to assume that what I wanted was to hitch a ride on a talented designer not to enter the industry, but to enter the wonderful world of fanzines."


Winner of the HQMix Trophy and the Funarte Aesthetic Interactions Award, Law Tissot has published in Portugal and France, in addition to having participated in important exhibitions, such as the anthologies Transfer (Santander Cultural) and Ugra Zine Fest.


It's this dense and disruptive baggage that Law brings to CRASH – 13th INTERNATIONAL FANTASTIC CINEMA EXHIBITION, to take place in December 2021. And stay tuned: Mr. Tissot brings novelties never seen before in the visual approach of our festival. This Cronenberg poster you see now is just the kickoff. Lucky for us.