Want to know how to watch CRASH movies,

between December 9th and 13th, on Darkflix? 

Install the DARKFLIX App ( Google Play
  or A pp Store ) or visit www.darkflix.com.br  

On the website, click on the “Subscribe” button and on the app on “Register” and fill in the registration.

Find the CRASH option in the menu or choose a film with the CRASH stamp on the home page and click on the VIEW PLANS button  

Choose the CRASH plan and go! You will have free access to all of the festival's films between December 9th and 13th, 2020! All CRASH sessions are gathered under Menu/ Categories/ CRASH.


And remember:


DARKFLIX's system is integrated with Google Chromecast, Android TV Box and other similar services.


A complete list of films and more information about the festival's free activities  are available at www.mostracrash.com

Welcome and welcome  to CRASH 2020!