Shakespeare's Sh*tstorm


Directed by: Lloyd Kaufman.


Duration: 94 min.

Country: USA

Year: 2020

Parental rating:

Screenplay: Brandon Bassham

Production: John Patrick Brennan, Justin A. Martell

Cast: Lloyd Kaufman, Erin Patrick Miller, Abraham Sparrow, Kate McGarrigle, Amanda Flowers


#ShakepearesShitstorm marks the most ambitious project in Troma's 45-year history. Working with one of the best special effects companies in Hollywood, Troma brings a whole new experience to its stylized brand. Having a bigger budget also brought filming on location on a larger scale in Albania (the first feature film in the country), as well as a heavenly soundtrack by the Portuguese orchestra and a little help from the Bardo. Shakespeare has never been so raw and unfiltered.


Firmer terror


Directed by: Lloyd Kaufman.

Horror Comedy

Duration: 124 min.

Country: USA

Year: 1999

Rating: 18 years old

Screenplay: Patrick Cassidy, Douglas Buck

Production: Michael Herz, Lloyd Kaufman

Cast: Will Keenan, Alyce LaTourelle, Lloyd Kaufman, Trent Haaga, Sheri Wenden


Terror Firmer is a Dalí-style surrealist masterpiece released by director Lloyd Kaufman and the Troma team. His trademark manic humor combines with a darker new sensibility to create the latest in a legendary lineup of genre classics. Inspired by Lloyd Kaufman's book "All I Need To Know About Filmmaking I Learned From The Toxic Avenger," Terror Firmer is the most action-packed, most personal, bizarre, and most commercial film adventure in Troma Entertainment's 45-year history . Honored by film festivals around the world, Terror Firmer has firmly established Troma as the premier source of mass appeal alternative cinema, the world's source for independent art!


Mutant Blast


Directed by: Fernando Alle.

Action, Science Fiction, Comedy, Horror

Duration: 83 min.

Country: USA, Portugal

Year: 2019

Rating: 18 years old

Script: Fernando Alle

Production: Fernando Alle, Michael Herz, Lloyd Kaufman

Cast: Pedro Barão Dias, Maria Leite, João Vilas, Mário Oliveira, Joaquim Guerreiro


After a science experiment goes horribly wrong and the world turns into a zombie apocalypse, a man with

Superhuman strength, a fearless soldier and a lazy, hungover man must unite as the human race's only hope of survival against a zombie apocalypse in a world that is about to become a nuclear wasteland! Fernando Alle's debut feature, which straddles the line between comedy and horror, is for sure one of the wildest and most exciting films that Troma has ever released!

Citizen Toxie: Toxic Avenger IV


Directed by: Lloyd Kaufman
Action, Science Fiction, Comedy, Horror
Duration: 108 min.
Country: USA
Year: 2001
Rating: 18 years old
Screenplay: Trent Haaga and Patrick Cassidy
Production: Michael Herz and Lloyd Kaufman
Cast: David Mattey,
  Heidi Sjursen,  Eli Roth
During a mission that goes awry, the hero Toxic Avenger bridges the gap between his hometown, Tromaville, and a parallel dimension called Amortville. Toxie is sucked into this alternate version of her universe, while Amorville's hero, an evil version of Toxie called The Noxious Offender, ends up in Tromaville.